Introducing NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a developing field of behavioural psychology. It examines the structure of our subjective experience, to discover how we can repeat things that promote our well-being, and cease doing things that are no longer useful to us. This is a stand-alone course which introduces some basic skills and premises of NLP, and gives you a chance for supervised practice over the weekend.

Practitioner Course

Our Practitioner Course concentrates on acquiring a heightened level of sensory acuity, more expertise in noticing other people and making sense of what they are doing, fluency in the use of language, and a more useful understanding of yourself and how you do what you do, good things as well as the not-so-useful ones.

Master Practitioner

Our Master Practitioner Course concentrates on discovering how different people maintain consistency in their behaviour and skills. In addition to ‘mastering’ the Practitioner skills, you will be paying attention to the patterns that enable someone to do something well.

Just Magical Spelling®

Come to learn to spell this way, to see a demonstration of this method, or to learn how to teach Magical Spelling.

NLP Trainers’ Training

This NLP trainers’ course works on a strong element of modelling. The presenting trainers will teach some information, while you are modelling their individual styles. Each day, there will be short inputs by the training staff, and lots of study, work, and presenting by the participants.