Practitioner Course

Course Details

Course Fees £850 (£800 if paid before the start of the course)
Course Leader Cricket Kemp
Course Pattern 10 weekends, next course starting October 2017

Our Practitioner Course concentrates on acquiring a heightened level of sensory acuity, more expertise in noticing other people and making sense of what they are doing, fluency in the use of language, and a more useful understanding of yourself and how you do what you do, good things as well as the not-so-useful ones.

Our Trainers

We use a variety of accredited and skilled NLP Trainers for this course, so that you get a variety of specialist views of NLP. They come from many professional backgrounds, and many present regularly at various NLP Conferences and publish NLP articles. Some of them have been studying NLP for more than twenty years. We intend that they will give you nlp skills to take away with you.

Our Trainers include:

Cricket Kemp – Matthew Hudson – Lysa Morrison – Gary Lintern – Caitlin Walker and others

Using Language More Elegantly

All of our trainers are particularly interested in language, and how it affects our thinking. On this course we encourage you to pay attention to the language that you are using, and that others are using around you, and to notice what happens as a result of the language which is being used. Then we show you ways of improving the result, by changing the language. It is one of the most powerful skills that nlp offers.

Clean Language

Our courses include two days of Clean Language training by Caitlin Walker, using the language patterns of David Grove to elicit metaphors that strongly affect our behaviour.

Course Focus

Some of our trainers are, or have been, full-time teachers, and are interested in the use of NLP to enhance teaching, training and learning. Examples from business, counselling and therapy, police work, research, public sector work, and many other areas will be used on this course. We once worked with someone to enhance the training of guide dogs for the blind!

Why not an intensive course?

NLP skills are powerful, and often affect and change the way you experience the world. For this reason, we prefer to run our courses for ten weekends over ten months, to give people time to practise and internalise their skills. We have tried other formats, and find this one is the most successful. You will need to attend all ten weekends, or make up the time in some well-supervised way. This might be a Practice Group, another course, or an nlp conference session.


You must attend these courses for a minimum of 120 trainer contact hours. In addition you must demonstrate on the certification weekend that you have acquired an appropriate level of the skills of NLP. There are some short written assignments to complete.

Venue h4. Newcastle

The course will be held at the Linskill Centre, North Shields, a former school site. There is plenty of parking on site.


Newcastle 2017 – 18

14, 15 October 2017
28, 29 October
18, 19 November
9, 10 December
13, 14 January 2018
10, 11 February
17, 18 March
14, 15 April
12, 13 May
20 May (in Appleby)
9, 10 June Certification


We are able to fund a very few bursaries each year, usually half price. These may go to participants like the unemployed or very low paid, the homeless, or those who work in a volunteer capacity for a charity. We sometimes give a bursary to partners of participants, to people refreshing their skills, or to one of two people from the same ‘people’ organisation such as a school, care home, youth club, etc.. Please note that ‘partner’ implies someone living with you in an intimate relationship, and sharing household expenses. Send your application in with the appropriate information.