NLP Trainers’ Training

Course Details

Course Fees £1400

Principles of this Training

This NLP trainers’ course works on a strong element of modelling. The presenting trainers will teach some information, while you are modelling their individual styles. You will also have frequent opportunities to present topics yourself, individually or in small groups. Sometimes you will lots of time to prepare, and sometimes it will be done on the spur of the moment. We will encourage you to extend your present teaching styles.

Trainers’ Course Outline

Each day, there will be short inputs by the training staff, and lots of study, work, and presenting by the participants. There will be some daytime preparation periods. Many sessions will be videoed, so you can view your own work and critique it.

Block One – Understanding and Integrating NLP

  • Day 1 – setting up a feedback system for the course, and for NLP training
  • Day 2 – constructing a comprehensive mind-map of NLP
  • Day 3 – teaching and learning various concepts of NLP
  • Day 4 – demonstrating your knowledge of NLP

Block Two – Using NLP Principles to Train NLP

  • Day 5 – presenting prepared training sessions
  • Day 6 – presenting short sessions with short preparation
  • Day 7 – extending your training styles
  • Day 8 – training topics in pairs (and preparation for final weekend)

Block Three – Putting It All Together

  • Day 9 – outcomes for training and criteria for certification at all levels
  • Day 10 – putting a course together: course design, handouts, publicity, pricing, logistics, etc.
  • Day 11 Saturday*
  • Day 12 Sunday* and Finish!

Course members will run an *Introducing NLP course at the venue ( 10.00 to 4.00 each day), training each session in varying pairs. There will be four videoed sessions in each day.

Dates 2018

  • Block One TBA Spring 2018
  • Block Two TBA Spring 2018
  • Block Three TBA Spring 2018